Idiom of the Week: Jump on the Bandwagon

Meaning: To do what everyone else is doing.


I finally jumped on the bandwagon and bought a smart phone.

All his friends were getting married, so he decided to jump on the bandwagon and get married too.

You’re always jumping on the bandwagon! You just want to be a part of everything that’s popular at the moment!


Pop Quiz:

Which is not an example of jumping on the bandwagon?

A.  Buying some shoes that are in fashion.

B.  Joining Facebook because all your friends are on it.

C.  Moving to another city because you know a lot of people who moved there.

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School Life Revisited

Class 2P also wrote about their school days. Read one below and take the quiz afterwards to test your understanding!

Cai Hong Huang

My Experience in School

My name is Cai Hong Huang. I graduated from No. 103 High School in Guangzhou, China. My favorite teacher was Miss Zhang. She was my music teacher. She was single and she was funny. My favorite subject was music and my least favorite subject was math. My three years in high school were very happy.

I had a best friend who was my classmate. Her name was Wen. She always helped me learn and we always ate lunch together. We were very close.

My high school was a famous tourism school in Guangzhou. We had internships at a hotel every year. I was very lucky because I was always assigned to the front desk. It was an important experience for my job.

I wore a uniform in my high school. It was a blue dress. I really liked it. I still have it. My high school had a small hotel in the school. Every student could pay to eat in the hotel. The food was very delicious. In my high school I learned a lot and got a lot of hotel experience.

After I finished high school I was very proud of myself. I worked at the China Hotel. I got a good position. I was a receptionist. I’m very thankful to my No. 103 Tourism High School in Guangzhou, China.

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It’s That Time of Year Again…

The 2018 New York City Taxi Drivers Calendar, a comedic take on the traditional pin-up, features 12 of the city’s most scintillating and good-humored yellow cab drivers.

A portion of each calendar sale will go to University Settlement, America’s oldest settlement house (1886), based in New York City and serving over 30,000 immigrant and working individuals and families every year with basic services like quality education, housing, recreation and wellness opportunities, and literacy programs.

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School Life

Class 3A recently wrote about their experiences in school. Read an example below and then take the quiz afterwards to test your comprehension:

Vincy Chen

High School Life

        According to my memory, my high school life was dark. My high school’s name was Pei Ying High School in Taishan, China. This school was divided into two schools. One was a vocational high school, one was a general high school. The vocational high school students didn’t have to study very hard. They had a lot of free time to play, go shopping and try to fall in love. The general high school students studied very hard. They didn’t have free time to play, go shopping, or fall in love. I was in the general high school.

        This school was strict. Every Monday and Tuesday, the students needed to wear uniforms. The uniforms were white and green. There was an eagle on the back of the jacket. The general high school students’ ultimate goal was the College Entrance Examination. There was no fun, only boring study and endless practice. As a high school student, learning was my primary task, and I had to spend most of my time on it. Sometimes learning made me feel depressed and even crazy.

        My class time was from Monday to Friday from 6:40 am to 10:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. Every four weeks, there was a weekend without classes. On that weekend, I left school and went back home, then on Sunday evening I went back to school because I had class on Sunday evening.

        Finally, my high school life was boring and dark. No weekend, no holiday. Only studying, still studying.

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Fly-by-Night Revisited

Here are some tidbits from Google Images using our latest Idiom of the Week – just click on any of them for a larger view:

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Thanksgiving Quiz

Click on the image below to test your knowledge of Thanksgiving with this quiz from National Geographic:

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Idiom of the Week: Fly-by-Night

Meaning: Untrustworthy or undependable; usually used to describe businesses or salespeople.


There are many fly-by-night providers of goods on the internet, so buying products online only from reputable websites is probably a good idea.

A fly-by-night salesman at the market yesterday sold me a flawed product that doesn’t even work.​

My uncle lost his savings by getting involved with a fly-by-night investment company.


Pop Quiz:

What should you do if someone calls a company fly-by-night?

A.  Avoid this company.

B.  Try to do business with this company.

C.  Apply for a job with this company.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

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