Idiom of the Week

play ball

Meaning:  to agree to do something the way someone else wants you to; to cooperate with or act fairly with someone; to do business with someone

For example:

  • I wanted to work together like a team, but not everyone would play ball.
  • We tried to all wear the red clothes for the New Year’s party, but Joe wouldn’t play ball and wore yellow.
  • The student tried to bribe his teacher so he would get a good grade on the test, but the teacher wouldn’t play ball and gave the student a fair grade.
Pop Quiz: When will you be playing ball?
  1. Your parents ask you to clean your room, but you take a nap instead.
  2. Your daughter wants to make believe that she is serving you hot tea and you tell her how delicious it is.
  3. Your teacher asks you to speak English with your table, but you will only write down notes.

For the answer, continue reading…

Answer: Number 2 is the right answer – because your daughter wants to pretend she’s serving you tea, and you cooperate… you play ball!

Now, try to find a way to use this idiom in your conversation today!

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