Idiom of the week

music to my ears

Meaning: Some good news; a welcome sound to someone; news that someone is pleased to hear; when someone tells you something you wanted to hear

For example:

  • Leanne: Here’s your paycheck for this month.

          Michael: Ah, that’s music to my ears!

  • It was music to my ears when my teacher told me I got an A+ on my test.
  • When I came home to a quiet house it was music to my ears.
Pop Quiz: What would be music to your ears?
  1. Hearing your lotto numbers on the radio.
  2. Your boss telling you that you need to work late.
  3. Going to hear your favorite singer perform.

For the answer, continue reading

Answer: Number 1 is the right answer – if you heard you won the lottery it would be wonderful news, something you would love to hear.

Now, try to find a way to use this idiom in your conversation today!

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12 thoughts on “Idiom of the week

  1. joe says:

    these idioms are very interesting and helpful, thanks to whoever makes them!

  2. benli wang says:

    I really agree that joe said .

  3. mansha says:

    That’s funny!

  4. Lucian says:

    When I heard Michael was giving us a generous Christmas bonus, it was music to my ears!

  5. ivan LIN says:

    very good

  6. mya says:

    That’s music to my ears when Joe said ” to learn more English at The University Settlement Adult Literacy Program website.”

  7. May Lu says:

    It was music to my ears when my boss told me, “You are going to get a raise.”

  8. Helen Ye says:

    It was music to my ears, when I heard i would be spending a week on a cruise.

  9. Suann Lee says:

    It funny, I hope that continue, current situation that it.

  10. Candy Chen says:

    It`s very helpful for us to learn English.

  11. lingling liu says:

    I can’t wait to see more

  12. mya says:

    why doesn’t come next one?

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