Khanh Au: Student of the Month

Khanh Au is the Adult Literacy Program’s Student of the Month for February. Khanh is in Class 2A, and he brings a lot of enthusiasm and humor to the class. Congratulations, Khanh!

Here’s a short video of Khanh talking about his life:

Here’s Khanh’s autobiography:

My name is Khanh. When I was young, I worked hard at a textile factory in Vietnam and then, Vietnam went to war. I joined the army, so I was a soldier until the war ended in 1975.

In 1999, I emigrated to the U.S. I have been in New York for over 12 years. I had to work hard for my family for 10 years. In 2009, I retired and now I have a chance to study English in this center. I feel I’m very happy. Now, I enjoy my life in New York. I watch TV every morning and enjoy my music and go swimming. So I feel my retired life is very very good!

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31 thoughts on “Khanh Au: Student of the Month

  1. Amy (Kin Peng) Yang says:

    Khanh speaks English very well. I like his story.

  2. ZHI CHENG WU says:

    hi!,i am a E2 student, i think i am a lucky, because i can join universty settlement to study.

  3. cindy says:

    i like the video

  4. Eufemia says:

    I like the video and how he learned english.

  5. Elaine says:

    I think English is good for all of us. If you want to learn English, it will be good for your life.

  6. Edwin says:

    Good job!

  7. StepahnieHo says:

    I like the movie because it was funny

  8. sandra li says:

    Good JOb

  9. Winnie He says:

    Hi, I’m Khanh’s classmate. Khanh is kind and outgoing, so, my class’s very funny.

  10. Carlos Hernandez says:

    Learn english is very important for everybody and the best place for adult in my opinion is The University settlement Adult Literacy Program. Also now we have computer classes, is very important for everybody to learn how to communicate with the world.

  11. Tony Gao says:


  12. Fong Karm Kong says:

    Hi, I’m Khanh’s classmate and I think that his English is good and I think that being in the University Settlement is a great place for people to learn English from and I am lucky that I am part of this Settlement program to improve my English language.

  13. James says:

    Congratulations Khanh
    You are the lucky one came from Vietnam
    You learned english in universty settlement 2 years
    You speaks english very well
    I must be hardworking to study english too

  14. charlie says:

    I admire Khanh . I hope i can speak english as well as him .

  15. hi, I am Khanh’s classmate and I am very impressed that you speak english very well!

  16. Peggy Tartt (Teacher, Class E3) says:

    I enjoyed watching this brief interview with Khanh. It was interesting because he shared some past and present facts about his life. He did a good job of expressing himself in English.

  17. Allison says:

    Nice to meet you, Khanh! I enjoyed reading your biography.

  18. Jie Lin says:

    I like to read this biolography.

  19. Jie Lin says:

    I like to read this biography.

  20. Victoria says:

    I like to listen to your story.I get to know your past.

  21. ivan LIN says:

    Hello Joe, can we get WIFI in the School? sometime we can used the computer to learning English in class.

    Thank you very much for you support.

  22. Kelly Zhao says:

    Hello, I’m Khanh’s classmate. I very luck. I can study in Universty Stettlement. Khanh is very good. I impress he talk his life in English.

  23. Anna Chen says:

    I like Khanh’s life history. It is very intresting.

  24. Ally Li says:

    It was encouraging, I like it.

  25. mansha says:

    His English is very good and I like his story.

  26. Qi Ci Mei says:

    I like this video

  27. kelly zhao says:

    I’m Khanh’s classmate. university settlement is a good place for study. Khanh speaks very good. i want to learn from him.

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