What Did You Do During the Vacation?

Welcome back to class! Did you have a good vacation? We asked Class 2B what they did during the vacation – watch the video to hear their answers:

How about you? What did you do? To share what you did during the vacation, leave a comment.

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11 thoughts on “What Did You Do During the Vacation?

  1. Kuan ling Tam says:

    so interesting

  2. Mansha says:

    All of them are good students.

  3. Emma says:

    Great,if I have free time, I will around the world !

  4. Joe S says:

    This Friday I was supposed to go Snowboarding with my girlfriend, but the weather was no good, so we found a Groupon to go to a shooting range instead, neither of us had been before. It was very romantic…

  5. Rose says:

    Lisa says:

    If I have free time. I will travel around the world, too.

  6. Amy (Kin Peng) Yang says:

    During the vacation I visited my mother in law and went out to take dinner with her.

  7. Jamie H. says:

    During the vacation, I went to Boston to visit my brother.

  8. Lilyan Mei says:

    I went shopping and took some R&R at home during my vacation.

  9. I really liked this video. I laughed a lot.

  10. David says:

    I did nothing during my vacation. I just worked a lot.

  11. Suk Ching Kong (Shirley) says:

    If I could the vacation, I would go to sleep for a long time because of tired.

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