Idiom of the Week

R & R

Meaning:  rest and relaxation (or recreation, recuperation, recovery); to enjoy time by not doing anything to difficult or tiring.

*R&R might also mean Rock and Roll (a type of music)

For example:

  • I need some R & R. I’ve been working too hard.
  • You look so tired! You can’t keep your eyes open and you smell like you haven’t showered in a week. Take a break, get some R&R.
  • Student: Where were you this weekend?

           Joe: I was home, getting some R & R. Now I’m back and feel great!

  • Poor Tom, he doesn’t enjoy R&R. All he does is focus on work and studies, that’s no way to go through life.
Pop Quiz:

What is the best example of R&R?

  1. Playing computer games
  2. Going to the Caribbean for a week
  3. Babysitting for your cousin

Click below to read the answer…

2, Going to the Caribbean (a chain of islands in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea) would allow you the most R&R. You could lay on the beach and soak in the sun, swim in the ocean, eat, drink and be merry…let’s go!

Now, try to find a way to use this idiom in your conversation today!

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6 thoughts on “Idiom of the Week

  1. pan ying says:

    I feel very tired right now.I need R&R so much.

  2. Lilyan Mei says:

    It is a funny and useful idiom. I like it because it is easy to remember.

    Everyone needs R&R after a hard day of work.

  3. Rose says:

    My favorite R&R is to ride my bike by the bay.

  4. Joe chau says:

    I am busy on my life.Who can get me R&R.Who is my friend.

  5. mya says:

    Like this

  6. Yi Li Mei says:

    Good idiom. I like it.
    I need to get some R&R now because I’ve been doing my housework since I got up this morning.

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