Rock Hop Ninjas

Do you like music?

Do you like English teachers?

Well, one of our Weekend Class teachers, David Moss, will be playing music tonight with his band, Rock Hop Ninjas. It’s free and fun for all, see you there…

Here’s David:

“hey hey you all!!

i’m playing a really exciting show tomorrow night,
at “parkside lounge“, 317 houston st., on the corner
of houston and attorney, 1 block over from clinton st.
with my band: “rock hop ninjas”
saturday, march 10th, 10:30pm, no cover (free)

i’m particularly excited because we just added
a singer to our band!! so this should be a wild,
entertaining night, full of adventurous sounds and surprises.

please come if you can, if not, no worries…you’ll just
be indebted to me for the rest of your life…….

see you there, or you shall be truly square!!!!”

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2 thoughts on “Rock Hop Ninjas

  1. Edwin says:

    david,i hope can watch in the video about your band

  2. Boey says:

    The music is really rock and hop!!

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