We’re starting something new on this website. It’s called “Staff Spotlight.” Every couple weeks we’re going to interview a teacher or other staff member in the Adult Literacy Program. But we want questions from students! Lots and lots of questions! Our first victim is this guy…

This is Brandon. He’s a daytime teacher at 175 Eldridge. He teaches classes 3A and 4B.

Ask him anything! Your questions can be about his family, his interests, his education, whatever! Please write your question in the “Leave a Comment” section!

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36 thoughts on “WE NEED YOUR QUESTIONS!

  1. Hi Brandon,

    What’s your favorite thing about teaching at University Settlement?

    Thanks! ~Allison

  2. Jon says:

    Hey Brandon, what’s your favorite book?

    Jon, Teacher, 2A and 2B

  3. Lilyan Mei says:

    Hi Brandon, Why do you want to be a teacher?


  4. mya says:

    ့Hi Brandon,
    Are u satisfied with your teacher’life? When i was young ,i would like to be a teacher.But it was a dream.

  5. Ally says:

    Hi Brandon,
    I know you like to travel. what’s your next? by the way, if you go to China again, let me know, I’ll find a good friend/guide for you.

  6. David says:

    Do you like your name?

  7. What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

    Joe S

  8. pan ying says:

    How many jobs do you have?

  9. Man kwan says:

    Where do you live ?

  10. Chen Li Duan says:

    Do you like New York?

  11. Mansha says:

    What do you like to do in your free time? Why?

  12. Lucy Liu says:

    Hi,Brandon,what do you think is the most interesting thing you did?

  13. Fong Karm Kong says:

    Hi Brandon. Where are you from

  14. Fong Karm Kong says:

    How long have you been in New York ?

  15. Lilyan Mei says:

    What is your career goal?
    What is the most unforgetable thing in your life?
    What thing do you want to do the least?
    What are you scared of the most?
    What is your dream job?

  16. Hi!
    How tall have you? How many schools did you taught

  17. Yi Li Mei says:

    Do you enjoy working? Why? Are you satisfied with what you have?

  18. Emma says:

    Do you like your students ? why?

  19. Kelly Zhao says:

    Hi, Brandon. How long do you teach at University Settlement? Do you like this job?

  20. yi juan lin says:

    Hi ,Brandon,do you like teaching adult,or children? which one you like better?

  21. Winnie He says:

    what did you do this weekend?

  22. Pan,Victoria says:

    What are your plans for future?

  23. Amy (Kin Peng) Yang says:

    Hi ,brandon.Do you like to travel,where do you like to go? Do you like to go to the beach?

  24. Maria Pachacanac says:

    What are three adjectives that describe you?

  25. shui ying lin says:

    Hi ,Brandon. Do you like Chinese food

  26. Anna Chen says:

    What is your favorite cartoon when you were young?
    Do you have any siblings in your family?

  27. Jie Fang Chen says:

    Do you have a good time teaching?

  28. Wanyu says:

    Did you go to shopping in the weekends?

  29. Wanyu says:

    Did you do your home last night?

  30. Wanyu says:

    Did you do your homework last night?

  31. kevin says:


    Do you have anything plan take a trip?

  32. Estela Ramirez says:

    Do you like your job?

  33. Vision wu says:

    Hello,Brandon. what time do you gonna your hometown! can you take with me?

  34. chifai says:

    The school manager makes you work hard?

  35. chifai says:

    do you school manager makes your work hard?

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