Zhao Hui Lan: Student of the Month

Our new student of the month is Zhao Hui Lan. She’s in Class 1B at the Houston Street Center. Her teacher is Elsie Choi. Watch a video interview with Hui Lan, take a short quiz about the video, and read her short autobiography below. Congratulations, Hui Lan!


My name is Zhao Hui Lin. I’m from Guangdong, China. I’m a student and a housewife.

I’m average height and slender. I have long, straight black hair. I usually wear a pair of nearsighted glasses with a sweet smile. I look like my father.

I’m friendly, optimistic, honest, responsible, studious, generous, artistic, and outgoing. For example, when I get difficulties, I always like to eat some sweet chocolate and candies. I will be all right when I get up the next day.

I like to make more friends. I like shopping online, but I always buy things on sale. I like to look beautiful and neat. And I have a big family. We’re close. I love my family and my three children.

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3 thoughts on “Zhao Hui Lan: Student of the Month

  1. Se Bai Ling says:

    Mrs. Zhao Hui Lin is a new immigrant, And she have a big family, Even through every day she need to take care her children and do a lot of chores for her family, But she can consistently diligent going to school for English studying, It is very difficult to do it. Let us congratulate on her,Wishing her has a brighten future after had a hard time and a long road to success.

  2. Winnie He says:

    Hello, My name is Winnie, I.m a student of 2A. What kind of music do you like?

  3. Amy (Kin Peng) Yang says:

    Hi, Zhao Hui Lin,the Brooklyn botanic garden,there are flowers blooming very beautifully.Do you like to see? I very like this park.

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