Restaurant Review: Sunshine 27

A review is a short essay in which you give your opinion about a movie, book, music album, or restaurant. In the future, we’d like to have students contribute reviews about movies they’ve seen, books they’ve read, and restaurants they’ve eaten at. Our first review is a restaurant review. Enjoy:

Sunshine 27

by Shui Ping Chan, Class W4

When I go out with my family or my friends to eat dim sum, I always go to Sunshine 27 Restaurant. It’s on Bowery, between Canal and Bayard Streets. It is my favorite restaurant.

There are over fifty kinds of dim sum, and the prices are cheaper than other places. The large, medium and small dim sum prices are the same—they are two dollars each. You can choose what you like.

I like different kinds of dim sum, especially shrimp rice rolls. They are rectangular and white. And shrimp dumplings are like small balls—the skin is translucent and springy and you can see the shrimp inside. It’s very delicious—most people like it.

The service is also very good. That is why I always go there.

 To see a Google Maps view of Sunshine 27, click here.

What about you? Do you know any good restaurants in New York? If you do, please leave a comment. Remember to include the name of the restaurant, the address, and why you like it (or don’t like it)!

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12 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Sunshine 27

  1. Mansha says:

    I went this reataurant before, I think the food are good, the prices are cheap, but the service is very bad. I just called the waiter to give me a glass of water and let me waited for half hour, and their work attitude is so bad. So, I promised I would’t go there any more. And my friend also complained about that!

  2. David says:

    I wanted to go to the restaurant, but one of my students said that the restaurant is bad. That the service is terrible, the space is very small and the food is not that good.

  3. Se Bai Ling says:

    I know this restaurant and went there before, I don’t think that is a very good restaurant. Even through it’s food are cheaper than other restaurant, But it’s food are not very delicious, Just s0-so.

    Let me talking about the services, I think this restaurant services are normally, Not very good and not very bad, Just so-so.

    General speaking, Doing any kind of business especially including restaurant are not easy,
    They are more competition, The boss have had a hard time and the long road to success.
    I am hopefullythat the “SunShine” Restaurant can get a great develop in the future.

  4. ANGELA LIU says:

    o ou ,,there are three people say “NO” . I think i dont need 2 try

  5. Emma says:

    I don’t like the restaurant. yes, the prices are cheap, the food are OK. But, there are too dirty , too noisy and the service is terrible. how do you think that?

  6. JoeS says:

    Can anyone recommend a restaurant that has good lobster?

    • Mansha says:

      At 22 Mott st. Ping’s restaurant. There’s lobster is very delicious. I did’t like eating lobster until I ate there, and the service is good.

  7. Amy Yang says:

    Does anyone know of a good restaurant for scallops?

    • Lucian Leung says:

      Hi Amy, I’ve never had any cooked scallops that I especially liked. I know this one Japanese restaurant, Tomoe that has excellent spicy scallop sushi rolls. But since it’s sushi, the scallop is uncooked. I’m not sure if you like sushi for but I never really like scallops until I tried them at Tomoe. It is located on West Houston and Thompson St.

  8. yi juan lin says:

    Have you been to chinatown XO RESTAURANT?The food is very delicious ,there are many kinds of food …..

  9. chifai says:

    Shui Ping Chan:
    Are You Sunshine 27 restaurant boss!

  10. chifai says:

    Shui Pin Chan:
    The restaurant that I think very crowded and the seat uncomfortable.

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