Idiom of the Week

From Scratch








Meaning:  start (again) from the beginning; starting with the basic ingredients.

For example: 

  • This cake is delicious! It’s made from scratch.  Look at all the ingredients I used.
  • We lost all our work in the fire and had to start from scratch.
  • “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”

-Carl Sagan, American astronomer, astrophysicist, and cosmologist

Pop Quiz:What is a good example of a snack made from scratch?
  1. A bag of Doritos
  2. A sandwich from the deli with skinless turkey and whole wheat bread
  3. An apple pie made with apples you picked from the orchard

Read the answer below…

3 is the best answer. If you pick the apples off of an apple tree yourself, you are using ingredients ‘from scratch’

Now, try to find a way to use this idiom in your conversation today!

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6 thoughts on “Idiom of the Week

  1. ANGELA LIU says:

    Building a business from scratch is not easy…..

  2. ANGELA LIU says:

    SE BAI LING where r u~~~???

  3. Se Bai Ling says:

    Yesterday I bought a box of cake flour from the key-food supermarket, I came home made an big egg’s cake from scratch , I used all of the ingredients that including sugar, salt, baking powder, whole milk, and some eggs. This egg cake is very delicious! My family all like it.

  4. Sze Wong says:

    My husband adopt 2 months baby girl, I have to start from scratch.It is a hard job for my age.

  5. chifai says:

    I read you made your cake cours that I was slobber and hungry.

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