Spring Break Revisited

A couple weeks ago, we asked Rob’s students about what their plans were for spring break, and they used future tense with “going to.” Today we talked to Janel’s movie class students about what they did during spring break, and they of course used past tense.

One of the more important past tense verbs is “went” – it’s past tense of “go.” Watch the video below, and especially listen for the verb “went”:

What about you? What did you do during spring break? (Sorry, evening and weekend classes – we already know what you did!)

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10 thoughts on “Spring Break Revisited

  1. Se Bai Ling says:

    We are sorry, We don’t have spring break on evening classes. We can write the essay in another topic.

  2. Angela Liu says:


  3. Maria Pachacanac says:

    I worked and took care my son; becuase he was very sick.

  4. Amy (Kin Peng) Yang says:

    I went to Museum of Natural History to see butterflies dinosaurs and movie.

  5. Kelly Zhao says:

    I took my son to the park . went shopping and watched basketball game.

  6. Victoria Pan says:

    I took my son to the park for a bike ride.I also went to the supermarket to buy food.v

  7. Lisa says:

    I rode my bike by the bay and ate dim sum with my friends.

  8. Fong Karm Kong says:

    I stayed at home the whole spring break. I just went to buy food and house items. Because I had allergies,I couldn’t go outside for long periods of time.

  9. yi juan lin says:

    I did a lot of things I went to the many places I was so busy .

  10. Lucian says:

    I watched the Hunger Games and read the last two books in the Hunger Games Trilogy. I enjoyed the movie and the books!

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