One of the most difficult parts of English is pronunciation. Today we’re going to look at the pronunciation of past tense regular verbs – verbs that end in “ed.” For example: walked, laughed, visited, cleaned.
There are three different ways to pronounce “ed” at the end of a word: like a “t,” like a “d,” or like “id.” It all depends on the ending of the verb.
With verbs that end in p, k, s (or a c which sounds like “ssss”), ch, sh, ph, f, x, or h, “ed” is pronounced as a “t” sound.
Examples: cooked = cook(t), danced = danc(t), helped = help(t)
With verbs that end in l, v, n, m, r, b, v, g, w, y, and z, “ed” is pronounced as a “d” sound.
Examples: arrived = arriv(d), called = call(d), opened = open(d)
With verbs that end in a t or d, “ed” is pronounced like “id.”
Examples: rented = rent(id), visited = visit(id), started = start(id)
Now watch the video below for more information, then take the quiz:

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  1. Se Bai Ling says:

    That is good idea!

  2. Yi Li Mei says:

    Thank you for teaching how to pronounce past tense regular verbs. It is very useful for us because people don’t understand what we say if we don’t pronounce English correctly.

  3. Ally says:

    Wow, it let me benefit a lot, I’ll save it in my favorite, repeat
    again and again.

    • Lilyan Mei says:

      Ally, I really agree with what you said. You are a smart girl. I like to watch the other videos that teach us how to talk on the phone in a polite way too, it is great.

  4. Victoria Pan says:

    The video is good for us.I like the video.

  5. Li Mei Tang says:

    It is a good video to teaching people how to pronouncing the end sound of past tense words. It is clearly and helpful; it makes me understand more deeply about the pronounce.

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