Idiom of the week

Around the Clock

Meaning:  all day and all night; 24 hours


  • That pizzeria delivers around the clock.
  • It feels like I have been working around the clock, I need a break
  • She parties around the clock, I don’t know how she has the energy!

Quiz: What place is not open around the clock?

A) A Hospital

B) McDonald’s

C) A Bank

Click below for the answer

C, the bank, is often not open on weekends or after 5PM. Many McDonald’s restaurants and hospitals are all day and night every day and night.


6 thoughts on “Idiom of the week

  1. Lilyan Mei says:

    I think most women don’t like to marry a man who likes to work around the clock.

  2. Se Bai Ling says:

    All hospitals emergency room services are around the clock.

  3. Lucian says:

    7-elevens used to be open from 7AM to 11PM but now they’re open around the clock, 365 days a year.

  4. Sze Wong says:

    I want to say 10 things are around the clock.
    1 police department,ambulance
    2 Niagara Fall in Canada
    3 All refrigerator in peqple’s home ,Deli and supermarket.
    4 Fish swim around the clock.
    5 The New York City transportation (MTA)
    6 Some factory
    7 Our heartbeat
    8 Pacemaker for the heart.
    9 ATM machine in the bank.
    10 Human’s saliva

  5. Sze Wong says:

    I have another 8 things are around the clock.
    1 hotel, inn motel
    2 televison,radio
    3 some medicine
    4 casino
    5 building security
    6 traffic light
    7 Manhattan’s taxis
    8 some Home attendants (take care the senior at home).

  6. Sze Wong says:

    Lucian: 7-eleven open 366 days on leap year.

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