Poetry Wrap Up

Last month, in April there were many activities and occurrences for National Poetry Month. We even had a poetry contest. We did not receive a lot of poems, but a few students did send us poems they wrote. We would like to congratulate our two contest winnersEufemia Simon and Joey Zhang both from Erica’s E4 class. Below is a picture of Eufemia and Joey with their prizes (personally selected poetry books). Click on the picture to watch a video of them reading and discussing their poems-

Joey and Eufemia from E4 are the winners of April’s poetry contest. They both received a book of poems as a prize. Listen to Joey read his poem, “How Do I Learn English” and Eufemia read to us her, “Wonderful Moments”. Thanks, poets, for sharing your beautiful writing!

“How Do I Learn English”
By Joey Zhang

I have given up the chance to make money
In order to learn English
So I have no time to be in your company
Forgive me
Come back here
We can talk
Face to face
Just you and me


“Wonderful Moments”
By Eufemia Simon

I don’t know how to fly without wings
I am not sure if it was a dream
or only a flash of lighting
that paralized me in to a sweet,sweet dream.

I have no idea why in spring time
the rainbow could come
to paint the picture
in the center of my mind

wonderful moments
to breathing fresh air
smell fragrant flowers
and seeing happy children play.

while you say I love you baby bear,
for this reason and many more
I want our love to be like mathematics signs
x forever
= us

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One thought on “Poetry Wrap Up

  1. Angela Liu says:

    Clapping !!! Congratulation!!!

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