Idiom of the Week

Out of the blue

Meaning: something happens suddenly or unexpectedly


  • I was sitting in the sun, when out of the blue it started to rain.
  • Yesterday, out of the blue, I got a letter from an old friend.
  • I was just thinking about my sister when she called me out of the blue.

Pop Quiz: What happens out of the blue?

a. You go to a friend’s birthday party

b. A bird goes to the bathroom on your head

c. You see a movie you like

Read the answer below

B, if a bird goes to the bathroom on you while you are walking down the street or sitting outside, this is unexpected, a surprise. It’s something that happens out of the blue 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Idiom of the Week

  1. Angela Liu says:

    Her ex-boyfriend showed up at her wedding out of the blue.

  2. Lisa says:

    Out of the blue, I saw my old friend.

  3. says:

    Yesterday my old friend called me that he wanted to see me today at 3;00 pm on 8Th avenue restaurant, But out of the blue,This morning he call me he has another events, so he canceled this meeting.

  4. Sze Wong says:

    I recalled seven years ago, after i worked. I was walked to the subway. One homeless guy asked me for the money .I didn’t gave him. but out of the blue. When I was walked down the stairs. He spitted to my head. I was so mad.

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