Staff Spotlight: Rob

This is Rob. He teaches Classes 2C and 2D here at University Settlement. He’s a very good English teacher – maybe you’ve had him before as your teacher.

Anyway, we’re going to interview Rob next week. You see, every once in a while we do something called “Staff Spotlight”: we have students ask a University Settlement teacher questions – so they can practice their English and get to know their teachers better.

Please help us think of some questions. If you have a question for Rob, leave it in the comments section – then we will ask him your question when we interview him on video. Later you’ll be able to watch the video and hear his answer.

Please – we need your questions! You can ask about his job, his family, his hometown, what he likes to do in his free time – anything!



60 thoughts on “Staff Spotlight: Rob

  1. mya says:

    Hello Rob,
    How are you? I want to know
    Where are you from? and how long have you been in NY?
    Thank you

  2. says:

    Wishing Mr. Rob have a good job in University Settlement.

  3. Helen Lin says:

    What is the meaning of life?

  4. Ally says:

    Hi, Rob, if you have time, where is the place that you are most like to go?

  5. Linjie says:

    Do you like your job?

  6. susan says:

    what does mean staff spotlight?

  7. Grace Zhang says:

    I know you are a student too now. What’s your dream job going to be?

  8. King says:

    Where is your birthplace?

  9. Charles says:

    How long have you taught in in University Settlement?

  10. grace says:

    Hi Rob, Did you like to be a teacher at University Settlement? Why?

  11. shaheda says:

    How long have you been in this program? Do you like your job?

  12. yuki says:

    How can i study English at home?

    • Rob Kirchhausen says:

      Try to speak English as much as you can. You can practice your listening by watching English movies with English subtitles. Try to speak with American people if possible also. The fastest way to learn English is to get a job where you have to use English at all times. It might be difficult at first but your English will improve very quickly.

  13. yavuz says:

    hi rob how are you ?Do you know how can I get the (TLC) licence?

  14. Frank says:

    Hi, Rob, I’ve seen you in the lobby but I didn’t know you are a teacher here.
    How long have you been taught here? What do you do in your job? What do you like best in your position?

    • Rob Kirchhausen says:

      I’ve taught here 2 years, and I like working with students. I like having fun with my students in class. I like to laugh.

  15. karen says:

    What country food do you like? Do you like chinese food?

  16. XU says:

    what do you like.l

  17. shu says:

    hi,Rob,I don not know you very well.Can you introduce yourself?Did you prepare ahead the class?If so,how long is before the class?

  18. stephen says:

    How are you doing recently? Did you lose weight?
    I found I can’t get progress. How come?

  19. fox says:

    Do you have any advice for job interview? thanks!

  20. liangYang says:

    Hello!everybody. study harder

  21. Angela says:

    who is your favorite actress or actor?

  22. liangYang says:

    How is your life ?

  23. peggy wu says:

    Peggy says;
    Hi, Rob,How are you? nice to see you! What were you hard? What were you easy? What were you do in your free?

    • Rob Kirchhausen says:

      There was a character named “Peggy” on a tv show called “Married with Children,” you should watch it. Maybe people say I remind them of Al Bundy. I like to watch sports in my free time.

  24. Shaoqingliu says:

    Hi Rob! Where did you graduate from? Do you like being in NewYork?

    • Rob Kirchhausen says:

      I graduated from SUNY Geneseo in 2004. It’s upstate. Yes, I like NYC. I especially enjoy the high rent prices and the dirty subway. Just kidding! I like everything in NY!

  25. Yuki Zheng says:

    Hi Rob, I was your student last year. You have improved my English dramatically. Thank you very much! I wonder who is the lucky bride, are you going to invite me to your wedding?! What are your plans after your marriage? How many children are you planning to have? Are you going to keep your body in good shape? I hope you set a good example for your kids. When will you complete your Masters degree? Are you going to continue teaching in the future? I wish you the best, and have a blissful wedding!

    • Rob Kirchhausen says:

      Hi Yuki,

      You’re welcome, I enjoyed having you as a student. yes, you can come to my wedding. It is in Korea. You will have to pay for your own plane ticket and hotel room.

      I plan on teaching forever, and I’ll be finished with my Master’s degree next December

  26. Cindy Chen says:

    HiRob,I heard about you are going to marry.How much money do you need to spend on your wedding party?

    • Rob Kirchhausen says:

      Hi Cindy,

      I’m going to get married in Korea next summer so I’m not sure about the total wedding cost. I heard it’s cheaper to get married in Korea than in the United States. Maybe we will spend $5,000, but I hope it is cheaper.

  27. Michael Hunter says:

    Hi Rob,
    Saw the new idiom and wondered, Which new “Aging” NY Knick has caught your eye?

    • Rob Kirchhausen says:

      I’m not sure,Jason Kidd has to be the most interesting. Which “overrated” Jet or Yankee do you think will disappoint you most next season? Do you know that idiom, “overrated”?

  28. charlie says:

    Hi Rob,
    When you get wedding ,many of our classmates who ever learned from you at 2c last year would like to celebrate for you .So please let us know what the definite time is .

    • Rob Kirchhausen says:

      Hi Charlie,
      I’m actually going to get married next June in Seoul, Korea. If I have a celebration in New York I will invite you! But I’m not sure what I will do in NYC. We might just have a wedding party for friends.

  29. Class 2a says:

    What is your favorite Korean food?
    What kind of weather do you like?

    • Rob Kirchhausen says:

      My favorite Korean food is dalk do ri tang. It’s a spicy chicken stew. I like super hot weather because I like to wear shorts and sandals everyday. I like the temperature to be over 90 degrees.

  30. Class 2B says:

    How long have you worked at University Settlement?
    What subject in school do you like?
    Do you speak Korean?

    • Rob Kirchhausen says:

      I’ve worked at Univeristy Settlement for almost 2 years, and I really enjoyed my time here. I especially like teaching students and talking about sports with Michael everyday. My Korean is pretty good, but getting worse everyday.

  31. Hor,Yan 2A says:

    who is the most important person in your life?
    What color do you like?

  32. […] we spoke to Rob, using your questions. Rob had also answered a lot of them already online. Here’s a video of the Work Readiness class interrogating Rob. After you watch the video, take […]

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