Help us help you

Hi everyone, we are sure you’re enjoying your school year so far and we hope you’ve been visiting us here on the blog. We want this to be a valuable resource for you to practice your English and stay connected with University Settlement and the Adult Literacy Program.

Help us help you and tell us what you want most from this website. Vote for one of the answers below, or write in your own. You can also leave comments in the comments sections. Thanks!

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14 thoughts on “Help us help you

  1. Grace Zhang says:

    It’s pretty good already. Keep up your good job!

  2. Xiao Yue Chen says:

    this is very good for me i want to learn more english.

  3. Joyce Fu says:

    I want to learn more english and find a good job.

  4. A big thanks to everyone for your input!

  5. meiyi tan says:

    This is a wonderful website. I love it so much. I learn about a lot of information which is good for English learner and know about our schoolmates from this website.:)


    I want to learn more English,speak it well someday! This school good for me ! Thank you!

  7. wisdom says:

    If you live in U.S.A. so you must know America culture.Bless us!

  8. Li Ying says:

    Thank you.

  9. says:

    I want to see the information of leaning English.

  10. Li BiHua says:

    I’m glad you made this poll for students to voice their opinion!

  11. fanny says:

    thank you!

  12. mya says:

    This website is the best for all students. we can learn more listening, grammar and pronunciation in this website.Thank you so much.

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