A Limerick

We had our first day of classes today, and we were happy to see that a lot of people showed up. Evening students, your classes start tomorrow.

As Michael was sitting at home stranded last week, he wrote this limerick about the storm:

There was a girl named Sandy
She was rainy, snowy and randy
She came before Halloween
And left tricks and twists in between
When she was gone there were bags of leaves, branches, but no candy!

To learn more about limericks, click here.

Welcome back, everybody!


7 thoughts on “A Limerick

  1. Sze Wong says:

    Do we have bookclub class for tomorrow? (Nov 6 election day)

  2. Jon says:

    All classes are on!

  3. Sze Wong says:

    Sandy Sandy Sandy

    You were messed our life

    We never forgot you

    Please don’t come back again


  4. mya says:

    bye bye Sandy. Doesn’t come back again other name. We don’t forget how much you give trouble us.

  5. Peggy Wu says:

    I’m at 4A class, I can’t come to school because my house basement, first floor and car all damaged. I throwing out a lot of things and clean and wash. I’m sorry, this week I can’t come to class. I hope to come to class next week. Thank you.

  6. QZZ says:

    The limerick is very funny. As for a Chinese-learning-English dummy, poem is not at all necessary,and it’s kind of being history. Not in the mood for this old Granny!

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