International Center of Photography

Looking for something to do during the vacation? Here’s a blog entry brought to you by Brian, the computer class teacher:

Most of us have many interests and hobbies that we like to explore in our free time. Whether it is trying new foods, going to live music concerts or visiting the movie theater to enjoy the newest films, there are plenty of things that keep us curious.

One of my interests is photography. Growing up I was always curious about the process of developing film, drawing with light and traveling with a camera in hand, capturing the world around me. In fact, while in college my major was photography, but then I changed it to English to become a teacher. And although I might not attend school for photography, it is still something that I love learning about.


A favorite museum of mine that is rich in history and pictures is called the International Center of Photography (ICP). It is located at 1133 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036, which is close to Bryant Park.


There is also a school at ICP where people can study photography professionally or recreationally. What I love most about this museum is that they always have new photography exhibits, and they often show photos from 30, 40 and 50 years ago. The museum displays photographs from international photographers, which is great because you are able to see different cultures and countries through the eyes of the people who live there. It is a very fun mixture of new, old, and creative pictures.

Also, the founder of the museum, his name was Cornell Capa, had a brother named Robert Capa, who is my favorite photographer; they are both from Hungary like my family. Robert Capa was a photojournalist, someone who wrote stories with pictures, and often went into war to take photos for newspapers. He died at age 40 after stepping on a landmine in Vietnam during the first Indochina War. His photographs of the Spanish Civil War and of World War II are some of the best and only images the world has.


The museum sometimes shows Robert Capa’s original photographs from war, and they are very interesting to see. It is a great place for learning the history of photography, and there is always something new for visitors to enjoy. You can also take a tour of the school where you can see all the different classrooms and photography labs where students study.


If you’re interested in visiting the museum or finding out more information, check out their website at and then take a trip to the International Center of Photography and enjoy what this wonderful museum has to offer.

Oh, and don’t forget your camera!

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29 thoughts on “International Center of Photography

  1. TheSmallCookie says:

    Wow, this is really great. I never knew there was such a place! It sounds like such a fascinating place! I would love it if you would take a minute to check out my photos on my blog, they are under my post called ‘Snow gallery’. It would be much appreciated! Thanks…

  2. JoeS says:

    Brain, thanks for sharing, all of your students enjoyed your post and are behaving well.

  3. Yaqin Li says:

    Hi Brian, Thanks for sharing your hobby, and those pictures.
    Enjoy your vacation. Also happy lunar new year!

  4. stephanie Ho says:

    Hello, Brain we are miss you I wish you have good vaction i will see you next Saturday.

  5. sumon paoin says:

    hi brain thanks to sent to joes to my teacher for me

  6. Kin Shing Wong says:

    After I look Finnish the photography, I fell surprise and interesting, I think some day more,I
    can make the same level photography too.
    If you have some new photo,please send to me,let me to have your peacefully .ThankYou.

  7. Wong2049 says:

    Hello, Brain I am you student.We are missed you. I hope you have a good and happy vacation

  8. susanna says:

    i appreciate you post such a good museum’s introduction. I would go there at least once.

  9. susanna says:

    I want to know the admission is free. If not, how much is it for adult and children?

  10. sumon paoin says:

    Hello . Brain I am you student I like take photgrapher.I not like go to mua

  11. shu says:

    Can we have a class trip to the International Center of Photography on day?

  12. grace says:

    Thank you for sharing your interest. But I really don’t understand the photography, if you have a class trip to there and explain it for us, that is great. Thank you.Why are you change your mind to study teaching?

  13. Feng Lin says:

    Hi. Brain. I like this museum. I will visit it last month with my daughter. Thanks for sharing.

  14. TongCandace says:

    Hello . Brain I am you student I like take photgrapher.I not like go to museum

  15. Fay Chow says:

    I like the museum beaususe I am interesting in the history.

  16. Juan Kui Zhao says:

    The museum has a lot interesting stories.

  17. Erica says:

    It’s very interesting. I went to there with my children last year. we like it too. we also play the music on a table in a room. Did you play that? thanks for your sharing!

  18. Lida says:

    The museum is interesting, I liked the history and photos. I would like to visit these place to learn more and I hope to go soon with my family. Thank you!!

  19. Ryan says:

    Hello,Brain.I like photography. It is very fun and interesting. I never knew there was such a place. I will get there . Thank you !

  20. Ryan says:

    Thank you ~ you are nice teacher~!

  21. Yoo RI says:

    Thank you~ You are nice teacher~

  22. johanny says:

    I like this hobby or profession because this makes us remember the past.

  23. Angela says:

    Thanks for sharing with us! Brian. I like to go to the museum too! There are a lot of thing to see and learn.

  24. Jie Lin says:

    Hello,Brain.I like the museum a little bit. Maybe I’ll go there oneday.Thank you!

  25. mei feng says:

    i like your computer’s is very lively and interesting. thanks for you give us useful stuffs.

  26. Hui Fang says:

    The museum is interesting. I liked the history and photos, I will be to visit there with my children. Thank you!

  27. Jimmy says:

    Thanks for sharing !Brian,I went there after I saw this article . This is amazing museum.I usually go to museum whenever I free .and there are a lot of good museum in U.S.There is great place!

  28. libihua says:

    Thanks for your sharing,teacher Brian!!YOU ARE EXCELLENT TEACHER!!!!

  29. Hua says:

    good place! Thank You!

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