Idiom of the Week: “Smell a Rat”


Meaning: To be suspicious of someone or something.


The students were very, very quiet when their teacher entered the room, and so the teacher smelled a rat.

“I smell a rat,” said the police detective after talking to the criminal.

After seeing that the email came from a strange address, I smelled a rat and didn’t open it.

Pop Quiz:

You might smell a rat if…

A.  your boss pays you on time.

B.  a stranger calls you asking for your address and social security number.

C.  a cashier gives you the correct change.

Click on “Continue reading” to see the correct answer:

The correct answer is B. You should definitely smell a rat if someone asks for your personal information over the phone!


2 thoughts on “Idiom of the Week: “Smell a Rat”

  1. mya says:

    Anna hasn’t come to work for 3 weeks. It is impossible sick, I smell a rat,

  2. stephanie says:

    I don’t like the rat because the rat will bit us be careful.

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