Idiom of the Week: Taste of Your Own Medicine


Meaning: To be mistreated as you mistreated someone else.


Tom talks way too much – but last night he met someone who talked even more than he does, and he got frustrated. He finally got a taste of his own medicine.

“What?! You’re still getting ready?!” “Yeah, I’m still getting ready. Usually it’s you who takes a long time to get ready. You’re getting a taste of your own medicine.”

Her cell phone always goes off during class and it annoys the teacher. Yesterday she was giving a presentation at work, and somebody’s cell phone went off. Now she knows what it feels like; she got a taste of her own medicine.


Pop Quiz:

You’re pregnant. Before you were pregnant, you never gave your seat to pregnant women on the subway. You get a taste of your own medicine if…

A. Someone gives you their seat.

B. No one gives you their seat.

C. There are many open seats, and you sit down.

Click on “Continue reading” to see the answer:


The correct answer is B. You never used to give your seat to pregnant women, and so now that you’re pregnant you’re getting a taste of your own medicine because other people are being just as inconsiderate as you used to be. Always give your seat to pregnant ladies – and elderly people, and little kids, and people with injures, and teachers!


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