Ready to Work


This past school year was the first year of the Adult Literacy Program’s Work Readiness class. In this class, students learned how to use English to communicate on the job, and they also sharpened their job interviewing skills. At the end of the class, they took the National Work Readiness Credential Examination, which includes four parts: Reading, Math, Active Listening, and Situational Judgment. We’re happy to say that almost everybody passed!

The Work Readiness students, some of whom are pictured above with a couple of their teachers, will not be joining us next year because their English is too good! Some of them are going to look for a job right away, some of them are going to continue their education in college or special training classes. We wish them the best of luck!

To learn more about the National Work Readiness Credential, click here.


8 thoughts on “Ready to Work

  1. Grace Zhang says:

    Nice picture, isn’t it? Jon, what do three fingers mean?

  2. Jon says:

    It’s a “W,” and it stands for Work – which the Work Readiness students are now ready to do.

  3. grace guo says:

    Beautiful picture, how come I don’t get the picture.Could you sent it to me please? Thank you Jon.

  4. Sze Wong says:

    This is a gorgeous picture. Everyone looks very happy and proud of themself.I wish them have a bright future.

  5. I feel something is missing from the picture….

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