Idiom of the Week: Achilles’ Heel


Meaning: A specific personal weakness or flaw – from the ancient Greek hero Achilles, who died from an arrow shot into his heel


My Achilles’ heel is chocolate. I’ll eat it till I get sick.

“What’s your Achilles’ heel?” “Sales. If I see something’s on sale, I’ll buy it – even if I don’t need it.”

Everyone has an Achilles’ heel. His is honesty. He always tells the truth, and that often gets him into trouble.


Pop Quiz:

Your smart phone is your Achilles’ heel if you…

A. always take it out and play with it when you’re with your friends.

B. bought it for cheap.

C. forget to charge it.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

The correct answer is A. If you’re always taking out your cell phone and sending text messages or checking your email instead of talking to your friends face-to-face, you’ve got a problem. 


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