Happy Presidents’ Day!

Watch the video above, then take the quiz to test your understanding:


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6 thoughts on “Happy Presidents’ Day!

  1. Sze Wong says:

    My score is 9 out of 10. It is very good, Right?

  2. usadultliteracy says:

    Yeah, not bad at all. Which one did you miss?

  3. Sze Wong says:

    Where is Michael Hunter? Did he out of town for mid-winter?

  4. usadultliteracy says:

    I don’t remember that question from the quiz.

  5. Sze Wong says:

    Gosh ! You’re so Funny. I get light up from you.

  6. Grace Z says:

    I just got Goushi Yun(Bayern-Dusel); hundred shot hundred hit. Stop making me so proud please!

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