April 2014 Student of the Month

Everyone say hello to Gilbert Derival. He is our April Student of the Month.

Gilbert is in class E3. He’s a hard worker, both in and out of class. He works as a home health aide and attends English classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at University Settlement.

Recently, Gilbert became a U.S. citizen. Way to go, Gilbert!

Watch his video above, read his writing below, then take the quiz to test your understanding:

Spring Is Coming
Gilbert Derival

Spring is my favorite season among the four seasons. I like the weather in spring. It is not as cold as winter and not as hot as summer.

When it is spring, I can see many beautiful flowers and green leaves on the trees. I like flowers because they make our environment more beautiful and comfortable. I like trees because they can produce fresh air.

During spring, my family and I always go to Central Park to look at flowers. I remember one time I brought my sons there. What they said was, “Here it’s super beautiful!” and “Cool! I like it!”

We often bring food so that we can also enjoy our lunch in a wonderful place. Sometimes we also wake up early in the morning and going running in the park.

Absorbing fresh air in the morning is good for the human body. Starting this spring, every morning I hope to keep breathing fresh air.


And here are videos by the musicians Gilbert mentioned in his interview:

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2 thoughts on “April 2014 Student of the Month

  1. Peggy says:

    Wow! Gilbert, you should be proud of yourself because gaining American citizenship is a major accomplishment. Thanks for sharing some of your favorite music and musicians.

  2. Great job, Gilbert! Congratulations and all the best for you!!!

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