Idiom of the Week: Fair-Weather Friend



Meaning: A friend who’s there for you when everything is good, but when things are bad they’re nowhere to be seen.


When I was rich I had a million friends. But now I’m poor and I know they were only fair-weather friends.

She’s a fair-weather friend. Whenever I need help she never returns my calls.

Sometimes I don’t know if he’s a real friend or just a fair-weather friend.

Pop Quiz:

Which one is an example of a fair-weather friend?

A.  A friend who lets you stay at his apartment when you get evicted from yours.

B.  A friend who lends you some money when you lose your job.

C.  A friend who refuses to take care of your dog when you go back to your hometown to take care of a sick relative.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

The correct answer is C. A fair-weather friend is someone who doesn’t help you when you have problems, so if a relative is sick and you need to leave town and you need someone to dogsit and your friend says no, that right there is a fair-weather friend, my friend.



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