Awesome Adjective: Severe

Meaning: Extreme, very strong or forceful in a negative way.


The weather forecast said that we’re going to have severe weather this weekend.

She went home because she had a severe headache.

The punishment for drunk driving in many countries is severe.

Pop Quiz:

What’s an example of severe weather?

A.  A light rain.

B.  A blizzard.

C.  A hurricane.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

The correct answer is B and C. Both are examples of extreme – or severe – weather.

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One thought on “Awesome Adjective: Severe

  1. […] Severe was last week’s Awesome Adjective. Here are some pictures of severe weather. What kind of severe weather do you see? Write your answers on a piece of paper, then click on “Continue reading” to see the correct answers. […]

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