Sick and Injured

Here’s some more student writing for you from Class 1B. They wrote about accidents or illnesses they have experienced. Here’s a sample below:

hui yuan 1

Hui Yuan Li


I was sick two months ago. I felt uncomfortable. I felt cold and I had a headache and the chills. I couldn’t go to work for two days. On the first day, I called my boss and said, “Hi, boss. I am sick. I can’t go to work.” And then he answered me, “Who are you?” I told him. He said, “No, I can’t believe it. This is not your voice. This is a man’s voice!”

I knew my voice had changed. I remember in China, when I was a student, I was sick too. I couldn’t go to school. I called the teacher. She didn’t know my voice and my classmates said, “This is not a girl’s voice. This is a boy’s voice!”

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