Still Sick and Injured

Last time we shared some stories about accidents and illnesses written by Class 1B. Now it’s Class 1C’s turn. Read a sample below, and then take the quiz to test your understanding.

kelly pic

Kelly Liu


One night a long time ago in my country, I was alone at home. I wanted to eat an apple, so I went to the kitchen and found a knife. Then I used the knife to peel an apple because I don’t like to eat apple peels. Usually my mother did this for me.

This was my first time using a knife to peel an apple. When I was peeling with the knife, my fingers immediately started bleeding. I was scared. I called my mother: “Mom, my fingers are bleeding! What do I do? ” My mom said, “You can go to the living room and find a band aid. Don’t worry. ” I felt the wound was deep. But after this, I never peel with a knife. I have a fear of knives.


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One thought on “Still Sick and Injured

  1. betty says:

    If you like to do more housework , you will learn how to use a knives, no longer afraid of the knives.

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