Describe This Picture

  1. Who and what do you see in this picture?

  2. What’s the man doing?

  3. What’s he wearing?

  4. Where is he?

  5. How’s the weather?

  6. Why is he so happy?

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2 thoughts on “Describe This Picture

  1. Mei yee says:

    1. I see a man and an umbrella
    2. He is singing.
    3. He is wearing a blue suit , a hat and blue jean.
    4.He is outside of his house. is raining
    6.He is so happy because he find a good paying job.

  2. US Adult Literacy says:

    Very good, Mei Yee! Just remember that both “pants” and “jeans” are always plural with a letter s. And we’d use past tense in sentence 6 – he’s happy now because he found a job earlier.

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