United Nations


Students and staff in the Adult Literacy Program are comprised of people from 33 different countries!

Look at the map above and see how many you can name (you can click on the image for a larger view). Click on “Continue reading” to see the answers.

Costa Rica
The Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Myanmar (Burma)
South Korea
The United States

If we’re missing anybody, please let us know!



34 thoughts on “United Nations

  1. Candy Lin says:

    Hi, my name is candy. I ‘m from class 1A. I’m from Guangdong China. Guangdong

  2. vincychen says:

    My name is Vincy Chen(Xinyi Chen),Im from class1A, Im from GuangDond ,China,

  3. Paola Gil says:

    Hi. My name is Paola Gil. My class is 1A. I’m from Cali, Colombia. I was born in Cali. But lived in diferentes cites in Colombia.

  4. Xiao jian Lu says:

    Hi! I am Xiao jian,I am from Class 1A.I am from Hong Kong China.

  5. changjuan li says:

    Hi! I’m Sarah.I’m Class 1A.I’m from GuangDong,China.It’s a big city.I came to the United States In 2014.I live In Brooklyn,NY.I’m happy to be here,i love my family.

  6. Vivian weng says:

    hi!naima,My name is Vivian Weng,I’m from class 1A,I’m from Fujian China.

  7. Bea says:

    my name Bea Huang,I am from GuangDong China.

  8. Sammi Wu says:

    Hi,my name is Sammi Wu from class1A. I am from Guang Gong China.

  9. Nelson says:

    Hi I am Nelson and Emily.we are in class 1A.we are fromWu Han China . Wu Han is a big city.It is a very beautiful place.I like it

  10. Elaine says:

    Hi, I’m Elaine. I’m from class 1A.
    I’m from Guangzhou, China. It’s big city.

  11. Candy Lin says:

    Hi, my name is candy. I ‘m from class 1A. I’m from Guangdong China. Guangdong is big city. It’s safe and convenient city. In their have many opportunities. Also have a good education. I love my city.

  12. Judy lin says:

    I am from Class 1A. My teacher is Naima
    I am from Fuji, China . I live Manhattan, New York.I am live an apartment .

  13. Ivy says:

    Hi: Naima. I’m ivy from class 1A 。I’m from Fujian China ,my city is very big I like it 。

  14. Mei Jing Xiong says:

    Hi I am Mei I am from 1A I am from guang dong.china.My city is a big city.it is a beutyful city. they are vrey vrey more peopls and cars.

  15. Mei Jing Xiong says:

    Hi I am Mei I am from 1A I am from Guang Dong, China.My city is a big city.

  16. Hejing Chen says:

    Hi,My name is Suki.I’m in class 1p.I’m form Fujian, China.I came to the U.S. 2years ago.

  17. Grace XU says:

    Hi,my name is Grace XU.I’m in class 1P. I’m from Beijing,north China.It’s capital of China,and it’s a big town.

  18. Sakurai Miyuki says:

    Hi, I’m Sakurai Miyuki and my classmate’s name is Jason YU.We’re in class 1P.l’m from Yangon,Burma and he’s from Kaiping,China.

  19. Tong Yunzhen (Vivian) says:

    Hi!My name is Vivian Tong and my classmate’s name is Lina chen. We are in class 1P.I’m from Shenzhen, China.Lina is from Fuzhou,China.

  20. Huangfen says:

    Hi,My first name is Diefen and my last name is
    Huang. I’m in class 1p . I ‘m from Shengzheng ,China .
    Hello,my name is Ella.I’m in class 1P. I’m from GuangDong ,China.

  21. Wing Li says:

    Hi, My name is Wing Li. I’m from Guangdong China. I’m in class 1P. I live in Brooklyn.

  22. Qiu,Shu Dan says:

    Hi,My name is Qiu,ShuDan.I’m in class 1P.I’m from Fuzhou, China.I live in Brooklyn.I have been here for six months.

  23. Jiarong Mei says:

    Hi,My name is Jiarong Mei。I am in class 1P,I am form Taishan,China 。I live in Brooklyn。

  24. Emily says:

    Hi.my name is Emily Chen. I’m in class 1p. I’m from Fujian China. I study English at Adult Literacy Program. I like the school. I studied 1 year. My friends tall to me, My English progress.

  25. Qiongfang luo says:

    Hi,My name is Qiongfang luo ,I’m in class 1p.I’m form GuangZhou,China.

    Hi,mame is karen I’m in lass 1p.
    I’m from xiamencity china .

  26. Lydia says:

    Hi!my name is Lydia.I ‘m in class 1P.I am from Fu Zhou China.Lydia is my classmate ,l am Carrie ,l am from HeNan China.

  27. Mercedes sena says:

    Hi my name is Mercedes sena I’m in class 1P. I’m from jimani , Dominican Republc.
    Hi,my name is Li guide bing.I’m in class 1p.I’m from Fu Zhou ,China.

  28. Biying says:

    Hi,Naima.I’m Biying from class 1A. I’m from Guangzhou, China. It’s a big city.

  29. li says:

    Hi,I am li. I am from guangdong china, I am in class 1A.

  30. emily says:

    HI,I am Emily .I am in class 1A,I am from Guangzhou China.Guangzhou is a big and beautiful city,I ike it

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