Thank You, Tutors!

Ye 1

Left to right: Bin, Hai Ling, Miao Yun, and Ye (tutor)


Left to right: Yan Fen, Allison (tutor), Qiao Ri, Qing, and Kwai Hoi

Shuwan 1

Left to right: Xiao Ying and Shuwan (tutor)

Natalia 1

Left to right: Qian Yun, Bao Juan, Sara, and Natalia (tutor)


Left to right: Junfeng (tutor) and Qing

This semester the University Settlement Adult Literacy Program was lucky enough to have a few students from the Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages program at New York University as tutors. They helped some of our beginning students get extra practice in listening, speaking, reading, and writing outside of their regular ESOL classes. Thank you so much, Natalia, Allison, Ye, Shuwan, and Junfeng!

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One thought on “Thank You, Tutors!

  1. Lina chen says:

    I hope I can improve my listening and speaking skills.

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