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Awesome Adjective: Damp

Meaning: A little wet.


When I get a headache, I go lie down and put a damp towel on my forehead.

My clothes are still damp even though they’ve been in the dryer for an hour!

His diaper feels damp – you’d better change it.


Pop Quiz:

What’s the opposite of damp?

A.  Dry

B.  Humid

C.  Greasy

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

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Idiom of the Week: Ring a Bell

Meaning: To sound familiar; to remember something, but maybe not very well


“Do you know Felipe Sanchez?” “The name rings a bell.”

“Don’t remember? Well, I’ll read some addresses and you tell me if any of them ring a bell.”

She asked me if I had ever studied past perfect tense and I told her it rang a bell.


Pop Quiz:

Which of following might ring a bell?

A. The keys to your apartment.

B. The name of a movie.

C. Your cell phone.

To see the correcting answer, click on “Continue reading”:

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3P’s Greatest Hits

Last week we brought you 3A’s Greatest Hits, so now this week it’s Class 3P’s turn. Just click on the image below to start reading:

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Put Your Foot in Your Mouth Again

Here some images and quotes from the world wide web using our latest Idiom of the Week. Click on any image to view the gallery:

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3A’s Greatest Hits

Click on the pic below to read stories about a whole plethora of subjects written by Class 3A last school year:

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