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A Short History of Thanksgiving

Here’s a short video from the History Channel about Thanksgiving. After you finish, take the quiz to test your comprehension:


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A Short History of Halloween

Here’s a short history of Halloween brought to you by the History Channel – don’t be afraid to watch it more than once to catch all the details!

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Are Leprechauns Real?

From Wonderopolis:

On St. Patrick’s Day, you’re likely to see plenty of leprechauns. These mythical creatures are the small fairy folk of Irish legends. They’re traditionally portrayed as snappy dressers in green suits with hats and buckled shoes.

Leprechauns are small. Some pictures show them tiny enough to sit on your shoulder, while others claim they’re about the size of small children.

Leprechauns are known to be practical jokers who love to play tricks on humans. Even though they’re occasionally mischievous, they are intelligent creatures that are mostly harmless.

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

To help you learn more about American Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., has provided a video and interactive quiz. Just click here or on the image below to begin:



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Thanksgiving Quiz

Click on the image below to test your knowledge of Thanksgiving with this quiz from National Geographic:

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