Money Stories

Classes 3A & 3P recently wrote stories about money. Read one below, take the quiz afterwards to test your understanding, and read more by clicking on the link.

First Time Earning Money in the U.S.

Sen Liang Lin

During my first winter in the U.S., I was a seminary student. I lived in New Jersey, I rented a house there. One day my friend told me, “A big snow will come.” I really hoped the snow would come because in my hometown it never snowed. In the afternoon, I saw many white things come down from heaven. I was very happy. I walked in the white road, I threw the snow to hit trees, and I took many photos. After thirty minutes, I felt a chill and I ran back inside. I called my friends in China and told them it was snowing. I was very happy that night because I had never seen snow.

The next morning, I woke up to see that it was white outside, and that the snow had stopped. I wanted to go out, but I couldn’t see the road. I couldn’t walk on the snow. I saw my neighbors were cleaning the snow. I thought I would go to clean the driveway, so I found a tool to clean the snow. It took me about three hours to clean up my driveway.

My landlord came in the afternoon, and he saw the clear driveway and he asked me who did it. I told him that it took me three hours to clean it up. Then he said to me, “Thank you.” I told him this was my first time to clean up the snow. I was very tired. He left for half an hour and when he come back, he brought me an envelope. I opened it and saw $200. I asked him, “What do you mean?” He told me that I deserved it. I was very happy. This was the first time I earned money in the United States. This is something I’ll never forget.


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Idiom of the Week: Kick the Bucket

Meaning: To die.


You’re still alive! I thought you kicked the bucket!

Julius Caesar kicked the bucket in 44 BC.

The polite way to say “kick the bucket” is “pass away.”


Pop Quiz:

If someone says, “I feel like I’m going to kick the bucket,” they feel…

A.  Pretty good.

B.  Terrible.

C.  Not so bad.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

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Speak of the Devil & Lonely Revisited

We’re killing two birds with one stone here by giving you a song that uses our latest Idiom of the Week and our latest Awesome Adjective. Listen and read the lyrics below!:

“Speak Of The Devil”

by Chris Isaak

Speak of the devil
The devil appears
Waiting for someone
Been waiting for years
And it’s alright now
Yeah, I’m alright now

Watching her walking
Like watching a flame
Trying to forget her
Don’t mention her name
And I’m alright now
Yeah, I’m alright now

Lonely days without her
Nights that would not end
As long as I don’t think about her
I can still pretend
It’s alright

Speak of the devil
The devil appears
Been waiting for someone
Lonely for years
But I’m alright now
Yeah, I’m alright now
It’s alright
It’s alright

Speak of the devil

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Happening This Wednesday…

Just click on any of the images to get a larger view:






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Awesome Adjective: Lonely


Meaning: Feeling sad because you’re alone.


After they broke up, he felt very lonely.

The holidays can be a lonely time for a lot of people.

Even though I’m alone, I don’t feel lonely!


Pop Quiz:

What’s the difference between alone and lonely?

A.  Alone is neither good nor bad, but lonely is always bad.

B.  Lonely is neither good nor bad, but alone is always bad.

C.  They are the same.

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

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Our Family Table Video

University Settlement recently produced a video highlighting the programs and services we offer. You may see some familiar faces in it!:

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