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Grammatically Speaking

Grammar is one of the main parts of languages (some others might be phonology, morphology and syntax). Click on the picture below to test your knowledge of some grammar points. The test will provide the correct answer as well as an explanation as to why it is the correct answer. Feel free to ask questions about grammar and let us know your (perfect?) score in the comments section.


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Zhao Hui Lan: Student of the Month

Our new student of the month is Zhao Hui Lan. She’s in Class 1B at the Houston Street Center. Her teacher is Elsie Choi. Watch a video interview with Hui Lan, take a short quiz about the video, and read her short autobiography below. Congratulations, Hui Lan!


My name is Zhao Hui Lin. I’m from Guangdong, China. I’m a student and a housewife.

I’m average height and slender. I have long, straight black hair. I usually wear a pair of nearsighted glasses with a sweet smile. I look like my father.

I’m friendly, optimistic, honest, responsible, studious, generous, artistic, and outgoing. For example, when I get difficulties, I always like to eat some sweet chocolate and candies. I will be all right when I get up the next day.

I like to make more friends. I like shopping online, but I always buy things on sale. I like to look beautiful and neat. And I have a big family. We’re close. I love my family and my three children.

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The People Have Spoken

A couple weeks ago, we asked you what you would like to see more of on this blog. Here are the results:

34% wanted exercises and activities to practice writing and grammar

26% wanted interesting news articles

19% wanted videos about other students

16% wanted news and information about local events

Thank you for the feedback!

Now, since grammar was a big favorite, here’s a very special grammar quiz for you. It’s about prepositions. Have fun, and check to see if you passed or failed at the end! Remember to leave a comment about how you did or try using one of the prepositions from the quiz.

Click here to take the quiz!

Now, if you didn’t do very well on the quiz, don’t worry! You can watch this short lesson on prepositions to refresh your memory:

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