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Restaurant Review: 456 Shanghai Restaurant

456 Shanghai Restaurant

by Long Xian Lin, Class W4

I know many people go to different restaurants to try diverse tasty dishes. Maybe you’ve already tried this restaurant – but if you haven’t, I recommend it. It’s the 456 Shanghai Restaurant. It’s located at 69 Mott Street, between Canal and Bayard Streets.

The 456 Restaurant is not so big and splendid, but it is clean and elegant. All of the food is fresh and palatable, and the food possesses a special or local flavor from the area of Jiangzhe (Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces). There is a lot of food you can taste, such as dim sum, cold dishes, soup, salad, seafood, fish, beef, pork, poultry, duck, sizzling grill, casseroles, vegetables, and braised noodles. I felt that the flavor of the food that I ate was pure. Also, the staff is very attentive and the prices are not expensive.

I wish you could go to try some kinds of food you want. Maybe the 456 Restaurant is worth a visit – because I get nothing for recommending it to everybody!

What about you? Have you been to this restaurant before? Do you agree with Long Xian? Leave a comment!

To see the restaurant on Google Maps, click here.

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Movie Review: Ratatouille

Time for another review! This time it’s a movie review. It’s for an animated film called Ratatouille (pronounced ra-ta-too-ee). Read the review below (written by Movie Class student Mansha Liu), and then watch a trailer for the movie.


by Mansha Liu, Movie Class

The title of the film is Ratatouille. The main characters are a rat named Remy and a man named Linguini. This movie is talking about a little rat; his dream is becoming a wonderful chef. But as a rat, that’s impossible. For his dream, no matter how difficult it is, he never gives up.

Because of a cook, Remy met Linguini. Linguini just did chores in the restaurant, and he had no idea about cooking. So they work together and establish a good friendship.

But how can a man cooperate with a rat? That’s very funny. Remy grabs Linguini’s hair and controls him like a puppet. That’s interesting, and shows how smart a rat is. So I like that part.

The message of this film is seeking your dream and never giving up. No matter where you are, who you are, how poor you are, you can also have a dream. I believe if you go towards your dream, no matter how difficult it is, just try your best – and although you might fail, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Just insist on your faith – it will come true one day. So after I saw this movie, I felt my life is full of hope.

I like this film because both adults and children can enjoy it, and it also gives a positive message to us. So I will give it four stars, and I’ll recommend this film to my friends.

What about you? Have you seen any good movies lately? Leave a comment!

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Restaurant Review: Sunshine 27

A review is a short essay in which you give your opinion about a movie, book, music album, or restaurant. In the future, we’d like to have students contribute reviews about movies they’ve seen, books they’ve read, and restaurants they’ve eaten at. Our first review is a restaurant review. Enjoy:

Sunshine 27

by Shui Ping Chan, Class W4

When I go out with my family or my friends to eat dim sum, I always go to Sunshine 27 Restaurant. It’s on Bowery, between Canal and Bayard Streets. It is my favorite restaurant.

There are over fifty kinds of dim sum, and the prices are cheaper than other places. The large, medium and small dim sum prices are the same—they are two dollars each. You can choose what you like.

I like different kinds of dim sum, especially shrimp rice rolls. They are rectangular and white. And shrimp dumplings are like small balls—the skin is translucent and springy and you can see the shrimp inside. It’s very delicious—most people like it.

The service is also very good. That is why I always go there.

 To see a Google Maps view of Sunshine 27, click here.

What about you? Do you know any good restaurants in New York? If you do, please leave a comment. Remember to include the name of the restaurant, the address, and why you like it (or don’t like it)!

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