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Another School Story

Here’s another school story for you, courtesy of Class 3P. When you’re finished, test your comprehension by taking the quiz!

My Favorite Teacher

Zujia Wang

Mr. Yan was my favorite teacher when I was in high school. I’ll always remember him. He taught Chinese very well. He always came to class on time. He wore glasses and spoke very loudly. He explained Chinese words very clearly. He taught us how to write a beautiful article and corrected it very strictly. After class, he liked to spend time with students. Every student liked to tell him their secrets and got his help. Many years have gone away and I still miss him. More than ten years ago, we classmates went to his house and said good luck to him. He was very happy, but his eyes didn’t see anything. He touched our faces although we were old, too. A few years ago, he died. We were sad. I’ll always remember my favorite teacher—Mr. Yan! He always lives in my heart!


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School Stories

Classes 3A & 3P recently wrote about their experiences in elementary, middle, and high school. Enjoy one story here then take the quiz the test your comprehension.

A  Flood in Our School

Li Lian Liang

In my first year of high school, there was a big flood in our city. Before the flood came, my classmates and I were very worried. We stayed in our dormitory and listened to the flood news on the radio. We didn’t have class for several days. We called our families. We all wanted to leave the school, but we didn’t have the guts to go out because we knew the flood was coming. Also it was raining. It rained heavier and heavier.

On the third night, the water started coming into our school. The water went over the campus, and flooded the first floor. One of our classmates woke everybody up and said, “Go, go! The water is flooding our dormitory!” We all got up immediately. We ran to the mountain behind our school. It was still raining. We all got wet and we were very scared.

The next morning the rain stopped and it turned sunny. The water started to retire. We went back to our school. There was a lot of mud covering the floors. We couldn’t walk easily in the mud. We had to clean all the dirty and wet stuff. Some of the stuff we couldn’t use any more. We were all very upset about the flood.  We wished the flood would not come any more.


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School Daze Revisited

Class 3C recently penned some reminiscences of their elementary, middle, or high school days. Read one story below and take the quiz afterwards to test your undertsanding.

A Bad Word

Galyna Nyzhnyk

I went to an elementary school in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. I had a lot of classmates; there were 45 of us. We were funny and we liked to talk a lot.

One time we had a writing lesson. It was quiet in the class. Our teacher screamed at us if we spoke. Suddenly, one girl said very loudly, “I have a headache!” The teacher forbade talking during class, but at that time she never said anything to her because the teacher loved her. One of my classmates (his name was Taras) said loudly, “You sit on your ass and not on your head. Why do you have a headache?” The teacher wrote a letter to Taras’s parents and told them that Taras said a bad word.

The next day a famous writer came to our classroom. It was Taras’s father. His father brought some dictionaries and he proved that the word “ass” is a Ukrainian literary word.

We were happy!


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School Daze

Class 3C recently penned some reminiscences of their elementary, middle, or high school days. Read one story below and take the quiz afterwards to test your undertsanding.

classroom 1

Skipping Class

Yongsheng Zhang

I didn’t go to school one day when I was in middle school. It was a beautiful day. It was sunny and clear. The sky was blue. There were a few white clouds. I was very happy this day.

I ate breakfast then rode my bike to school. I met some good friends on my way to school. They were going to Cao Xian City. They wanted me to go with them. I said, ”I need to go to school. I can’t go with you.”

They didn’t let me go to school and asked me sincerely. Finally, I agreed. I called my teacher, and told him, ”I’m sick. I can’t go to class today.” The teacher said, ”Stay home and take care of yourself.”

My friends and I went to the city. We visited other friends. We hung out, ate and drank. We went to the shopping mall and saw a lot of things: some clothes stores, book stores, and many different fruits, such as apples, oranges, bananas, pears, etc.

Suddenly, I saw two of my school teachers. I wanted to hide behind my friends, but I didn’t have time. The teachers walked up to me and said hello. I thought, ”I’m finished, my teacher will know I lied.” I told my friends about it. They said, “It’s a nice day. We just visited anywhere we wanted to. Don’t worry about your teacher and school things.” Today was our day. I thought so.

The next day, I went to school, and my teacher called me to his office. I was afraid. I went into the office and I didn’t look into my teacher’s face. He asked me, ”What happened yesterday?”

I knew the teachers that I met yesterday had told my teacher about the shopping mall. I told the truth. He was very angry; he slapped me on the face a few times. My face became red and I was very afraid. I said to the teacher, ”I won’t do it again and I won’t lie anymore.”

After this, I never skipped a class.


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Idiom of the week

You demanded it and now it’s back…idiom of the week!


Meaning:  saved by something at the last moment; not having to do something you don’t want to because the situation ends


  • The teacher asked me a difficult question that I couldn’t answer, but I was saved by the bell because class ended.
  • My father was about to yell at me, but I was saved by the bell when my mother said it was time to eat dinner.
  • A strange man started to talk to me on the street, but I was saved by the bell when a taxi arrived and I got in.
Pop Quiz: I was saved by the bell when…

a. I had an important test and my dog ate my homework.

b. I had no money and was very hungry, then I found 5 dollars on the floor.

c. my friends and I were playing a game I wasn’t good at and time ended before it was my turn

Read the answer below…

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