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Job, Jobs, Jobs!

Read one story from Class 2P about jobs, then take the quiz to test your understanding:

Ling Ling Zhao

My Past Job

I came to the United States in 2011. When I came here, I was looking for a job as a waitress because I was a waitress in China. I had four years’ experience. But when I went to an interview the supervisor didn’t employ me. He told me I couldn’t speak English well, so I couldn’t get the job. When I heard that, I was very disappointed.

One month later my friend called me and he told me some good news. He said his restaurant needed a cashier. No experience was required. The restaurant was in New Jersey. It was a Japanese restaurant and the name was Sarku Japan. It was a franchise company. I told him I didn’t know how to use a cash register and I couldn’t speak English well. He said, “It doesn’t matter. You can learn. The people who work there are very nice. Take it easy.”

The first day I went to work I was very nervous and made many mistakes, but they didn’t get angry. They encouraged me, saying, “Try your best. You can do it.” After that I worked very hard and I assisted customers very well. Some customers became my friends.

I liked this job because my co-workers were friendly and the customers were generous. They always gave me tips. I worked there for three years. I was not only a cashier but also a cook. The manager taught me how to make sushi and cut fish. I was happy that I could learn more job skills.

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School Life Revisited

Class 2P also wrote about their school days. Read one below and take the quiz afterwards to test your understanding!

Cai Hong Huang

My Experience in School

My name is Cai Hong Huang. I graduated from No. 103 High School in Guangzhou, China. My favorite teacher was Miss Zhang. She was my music teacher. She was single and she was funny. My favorite subject was music and my least favorite subject was math. My three years in high school were very happy.

I had a best friend who was my classmate. Her name was Wen. She always helped me learn and we always ate lunch together. We were very close.

My high school was a famous tourism school in Guangzhou. We had internships at a hotel every year. I was very lucky because I was always assigned to the front desk. It was an important experience for my job.

I wore a uniform in my high school. It was a blue dress. I really liked it. I still have it. My high school had a small hotel in the school. Every student could pay to eat in the hotel. The food was very delicious. In my high school I learned a lot and got a lot of hotel experience.

After I finished high school I was very proud of myself. I worked at the China Hotel. I got a good position. I was a receptionist. I’m very thankful to my No. 103 Tourism High School in Guangzhou, China.

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School Life

Class 3A recently wrote about their experiences in school. Read an example below and then take the quiz afterwards to test your comprehension:

Vincy Chen

High School Life

        According to my memory, my high school life was dark. My high school’s name was Pei Ying High School in Taishan, China. This school was divided into two schools. One was a vocational high school, one was a general high school. The vocational high school students didn’t have to study very hard. They had a lot of free time to play, go shopping and try to fall in love. The general high school students studied very hard. They didn’t have free time to play, go shopping, or fall in love. I was in the general high school.

        This school was strict. Every Monday and Tuesday, the students needed to wear uniforms. The uniforms were white and green. There was an eagle on the back of the jacket. The general high school students’ ultimate goal was the College Entrance Examination. There was no fun, only boring study and endless practice. As a high school student, learning was my primary task, and I had to spend most of my time on it. Sometimes learning made me feel depressed and even crazy.

        My class time was from Monday to Friday from 6:40 am to 10:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. Every four weeks, there was a weekend without classes. On that weekend, I left school and went back home, then on Sunday evening I went back to school because I had class on Sunday evening.

        Finally, my high school life was boring and dark. No weekend, no holiday. Only studying, still studying.

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Our Lives in New York, Too

Class 2P also wrote about their lives in the Big Apple. Read one below and then take the quiz afterwards to test your understanding:

Yan Zhen Deng

My Life

My name is Yan Zhen Deng. I’m from China. I speak Chinese.

I have a son. He is four years old. He is so cute. He is average height but he is thin. He has short black hair. He is sporty and restive but he is warm. I really love him. Every day we take a bus to school. He is so happy because he likes all the cars. Also in my house we have a lot of toy cars. When he finishes school, the first thing he does is play with his cars. One day I asked him, “Why do you like to play with cars?” He told me, “When I grow up, I want to be a driver. That is a great job.” I like this job and my son does too. It is very interesting.

Now about my life. I am a student right now. Every day I wake up at 7:00 am. And then I brush my teeth, wash my face, make up my face, and get dressed. After that I try to wake my son up. But my son is a lazy boy. He likes to sleep. So when I tell him to wake up and get ready for school, he always tells me, “I don’t want to go to school. I am so sleepy. Give me more time.” At 7:40 am we go to take a bus. Sometimes we are late and miss the bus. We will wait for ten or fifteen minutes. It is so crazy. At 8:20 am I drop off my son at school and I take the train home and eat breakfast.

After breakfast I take the N train to my school. My classmates are easy-going and friendly. Sometimes they are stubborn but funny. And my teacher is funny and kind. I am so happy studying English with my classmates and my teacher.

Oh, I forgot! Now I live in New York. It is a beautiful city. It is crowded but flourishing. I can’t say any more because I want to cook dinner for my son. That is my life. If you want to know more about my life, let me know. Bye.

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Our Lives in NYC

Class 3A recently wrote about their lives in New York City. Read one below and then take the quiz afterwards to test your comprehension:

Ruzan Ghazaryan

My Lazy Life

Hello, my name is Ruzan. I am 30 years old. I am from Armenia. Armenia is a very small country, with 2 million people, but it is a very beautiful country with mountains and rocks. I moved from Armenia to New York one year ago with my husband. Now we are living in uptown Manhattan, near Riverside Park.

In my free time I read books, watch movies and TV shows, play tennis, ride bicycle, walk, and explore New York. Also every day I go to my English class at the University Settlement Adult Literacy Program on Eldridge Street. On the way to my class I read a book. It’s a very good way to improve my English and spend my time, but sometimes when I am very tired I just sit and watch people on the train. Some of them don’t like it. That’s why I love and hate the New York subway. You lose a lot of time on it but you can find interesting ways to pass the time.

In New York I work at a cat shelter. It is a volunteer job, but I love it. In general I love all kinds of animals. That’s why I applied to the veterinarian assistant program at CUNY College. I hope I will be accepted and can help more animals. I have a dream to build a shelter in Armenia, because my country doesn’t want to spend money on homeless animals, and there are two NGOs that help animals with people’s donations. When I was in Armenia I worked in those shelters too.

I am very lucky because in every crazy thing I do my husband supports me. We go hiking and camping when we have free time, or sometimes we work in the shelter with each other. Both of us are Nature lovers. I think life doesn’t have any meaning, but I found something: it is love—love to people, animals, nature, even to insects (for example, spiders).

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3P’s Greatest Hits

Last week we brought you 3A’s Greatest Hits, so now this week it’s Class 3P’s turn. Just click on the image below to start reading:

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3A’s Greatest Hits

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