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NYC Summer Hot Spots

It’s almost summer break! Are you wondering what you can do to enjoy this summer? The students of class 3C would like to share some of their favorite spots in New York that you could visit this summer!


Brooklyn Botanic Garden

“For the holidays, we go to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden with our families. It is close to Prospect Park. It has a Japanese Garden, the Palm House, and colorful flowers. A major attraction is the Cherry Blossom Festival where 200 cherry trees are in full bloom. It’s like a pink ocean, very spectacular! Our children like to play in there. The garden is beautiful and full of different plants. There are  many people in the summer.” – May Ma and Miya Wu

Address:990 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY ‎

How to Get There: 2, 3, 4, or 5 train to Franklin Ave. in Brooklyn


Coney Island

“Coney Island is a peninsula and beach on the Atlantic Ocean in southern Brooklyn. In the summer, many people like to go there to relax and go swimming on the weekends. The New York Aquarium in Coney Island is open almost every day of the year. So, I always go to Coney Island to play with my family.” – Sandra Liang and Bonnie Huang

Address: Surf Ave. and W 12th St., Brooklyn, NY

How to Get There: D, F, N, or Q train to Coney Island/Stillwell Ave. in Brooklyn


Central Park

“This is the biggest and most important park in the middle of Manhattan. There are a lot of ponds and lakes and the park is surrounded by buildings. It’s great to go there in any season. In the winter, you can go ice skating. There are some ice rinks there and, during the summer or spring, everything is green. I like to go there and lay on the grass to read a book or just to relax.” – Daniela Polidura and Jackie Huang

Address: 59th St., Manhattan, NY

How to Get There: A, B, C, D, or 1 train to Columbus Circle, or N, Q, or R train to 5th Ave./59th St.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Before you go to the museum, it is hard to imagine how wonderful the huge building is.  It gathers all of the East and West cultures. In the Chinese section, you can see a Su Zhou garden, statues of Buddha, curios, and jades.” – Kelly Zhao and Li Duan Chen

Address: 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY ‎

How to Get There: 4, 5, or 6 train to 86th St.


The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH)

The American Museum of Natural History is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. It is one of the largest and most celebrated museums in the world. In the museum, you can visit some wonderful exhibitions halls. For example, the African Mammal Hall, with exciting dioramas of monkeys and elephants, the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, with its share of whales and fish, and the Fossil Hall. This amazing exhibition shows fossils of all kinds, like mammals and dinosaurs. You would feel amazed by the huge dinosaur fossil in the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall, the Museum’s main entrance. Wouldn’t you want to go there? – Bella Zhao and Khanh Au

Address: Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, NY

How to Get There: B or C train to 81st St./Museum of Natural History


Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge ranks as one of the greatest engineering feats of the 19th century and remains one of NY’s most popular and well-known landmarks. The impressive bridge spans the East River between Brooklyn and Manhattan and stretches for a length of 5989 feet, about 1.8km. The span between the large towers measures 1595.5 feet. This made the Brooklyn Bridge the world’s largest suspension bridge. – Kiki Wang and Ji Peng Wang

Address: New York, NY

How to Get There: J or Z train to Chambers St., or 4, 5, or 6 train to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall in Manhattan – or A or C train to High St. in Brooklyn

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Qian Hua’s Staycation

E0 teacher, Qian Hua visited some local sites in NYC, such as Times Square, the M&M store and Grand Central.  She tells us about her experience and shares some of her photos. Enjoy her story and pictures and then take the quiz to test your understanding. Thanks for sharing Qian Hua.

Staycation in New York City

I decided to spend the Christmas and New York break as a staycation and explore local holiday attractions with a close friend.  To my surprise, the Big Apple has a lot of impressive sites for a day trip.  We window shopped at Macy’s and took plenty of photos of the holiday display.  I found out I was a green M&M for the day in the Times Square M&M store; whereas, my friend was a brown one.

Continue reading

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Summer Photo Fun

We are still accepting photographs for our Summer Photo Contest that we mentioned a few weeks ago.

If you go to our Flickr page, you can view and comment on summer photos of some of our staff.

Send us your photos and show us what you have been up to. You can email photos to usadultlitearcy@gmail.com

Have a fantastic and photographic weekend!

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Free NYC Fun

Looking for ways to have some summer fun? You’ll find plenty below!

We’ve listed some of the best and cheapest ways for you to have a good time this summer, you can thank us later 🙂

Most of the events are free, some are low-cost, so you can enjoy them with out hurting your wallet and pocketbook!

You’ll also find events just for children, so you can keep your kids active and entertained this summer.

Take some time, look through all the events and try to attend a few while we still have some summer left!

Shakespeare In the Park is a New York tradition that takes place daily at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park. You need to enter an online lottery to win tickets. Click here for a website with some tips for attending. Click here for the actual Shakespeare in the Park website where you can enter the virtual ticket lottery to win seats for the show!

SummerStage offers over 100 shows throughout 18 parks in all of the 5 boroughs. You can search here by borough, neighborhood, park or the type of event you want to see. One of your favorites is the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival, starting August 17th. Don’t miss it! Here’s a handy guide to help you enjoy the events.

Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival is coming to an end, but you can still catch some of the final events. Lincoln Center is one of the most popular arts venues in the NYC. Be sure to take advantage of all it has to offer. Check out the schedule here.

Free In NYC lists all types of free events throughout NYC; museums, concerts, movies, sports, TV shows, it’s all here! You can search by dates or event type. Take some time and explore all that is offered.

Youth Programs for all of you busy parents out there, here are a couple of links for fun summer activities especially for youths; MommyPoppins always has great tips and treats for family fun and over at NYC DYCD you can read the ‘The New York City Youth Guide to Summer Fun 2012’ which has a lot of information about activities and events happens for youths this summer.

Let us know if you have anything to add to the list. If you attend any of the events tell us if you enjoyed them and be sure to take some photos to send to us at usadultliteracy@gmail.com. Enjoy!

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MoMA Trip

June Foley’s Writing Class recently took a trip to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Below, June tells about some of the wonderful art they all saw:

I asked for a “greatest hits” tour, so we looked just a bit at the Cindy Sherman exhibit, then went on to van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” then his “Olive Trees,” Picasso’s “Three Musicians,” a quick look at Dali’s painting about time, Jacob Lawrence’s many paintings about the migration from the South to the North, Otto Dix’s “abstract expressionist” Dr. Meyer Herman,” a wall-sized painting by Jackson Pollack, and Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe. We also made a quick stop at the helicopter.

Have you been to MoMA or any other of the many museums in New York (or in any city)? Which is your favorite? What exhibits have you seen? Comment and tell us about your thoughts and experiences!

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Rock Hop Ninjas

Do you like music?

Do you like English teachers?

Well, one of our Weekend Class teachers, David Moss, will be playing music tonight with his band, Rock Hop Ninjas. It’s free and fun for all, see you there…

Here’s David:

“hey hey you all!!

i’m playing a really exciting show tomorrow night,
at “parkside lounge“, 317 houston st., on the corner
of houston and attorney, 1 block over from clinton st.
with my band: “rock hop ninjas” rockhopninjas.com
saturday, march 10th, 10:30pm, no cover (free)

i’m particularly excited because we just added
a singer to our band!! so this should be a wild,
entertaining night, full of adventurous sounds and surprises.

please come if you can, if not, no worries…you’ll just
be indebted to me for the rest of your life…….

see you there, or you shall be truly square!!!!”

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Ally Goes to Albany

Last Wednesday, many students and staff from community programs throughout New York City traveled to Albany. Albany is the capital of New York State, and it’s where many important decisions are made about giving money to programs like ours.

One University Settlement student who went talked to us about her experience. Her name is Juan Juan – her English name is Ally. Watch the video below:

After you watch the video, take this quiz to test your understanding:

Click here to take the quiz.

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